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Escape Rope Travel


Escape Rope is evacuation equipment for emergencies when the ordinary emergency exit is blocked. The product consists of a rescue line of up to 25 meters, with harness and friction brake, everything packed in a handy container.

Order your Escape Rope today and expand your evacuation plan significantly.



Escape Rope Travel is specifically designed for portable usage and practical transportation.

Fire, smoke, perpetrators or other dangers can block stairwells and emergency exits. Escape Rope is a portable emergency exit compact enough to carry in one hand.

With Escape Rope you can:

• Easily lower yourself down to the ground or a to a lower level.

• Evacuate several people with a single unit of Escape Rope.

• Reuse the rope and train evacuation at your own pace.

• Lower children, unconscious or disabled people with full control from the ground.

• Escape Rope allows you to always be prepared with an extra escape route.

• With a rescue line of up to 25 meters, the Escape Rope can be a life saver for most situations.

Additional information

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 20000 × 105 × 95 mm
Supported weight


Flame resistance

270 degree Celsius for up to five minutes


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