Plan your evacuation, before anything happens.

An inexpensive life insurance

Escape Rope is a custom-made evacuation tool for the use in the event of an emergency when all the other exits are blocked. The product consists of a harness and friction brake along with a rescue line up to 25 meters in length, all packed into a handy container.

In the USA, a home catches fire every 86 seconds.

Make sure that you’re prepared.

What do you do if the window is the only way out?

Ensure that there is always a safe way out for you and your family. Fire, smoke, perpetrators or other dangers can block emergency exits. Escape Rope is a smart, safe and portable way out, compact enough to carry in one hand.

Escape Rope is designed with ease of use in mind.

An easy and hassle free installation yet safe and secure.

How to use Escape Rope.

From the demonstration video below you can see just how easy Escape Rope is to install and operate. If you are unable to attach the rope to a permanent fixture it can easily be looped around a bed or other heavy objects.

With 95% of fires occurring in the evening or nighttime, the danger can almost certainly be unexpected.

Make sure to always have a planned escape route.

Multiple options to fit your needs.

Escape Rope comes in various different lengths, along a travel-friendly version for those who require safety whilst away from home.

9 meters
~3 floors


15 meters
~5 floors


25 meters
~8 floors


Travel 20 meters
~7 floors


Escape Rope can be customized for all types of evacuation.

Contact us for more details on how the Escape Rope can be customized for you and your evacuation needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that the supplied eyebolt be mounted above a window. Otherwise the rope can be wrapped around a large piece of furniture or other solid objects.
When the first person has been lowered down the next person can pull the rope and harness up from the ground.  The upper part of the rope is detached from the carabiner and dropped to the ground whilst the other end, which now has the harness, is hooked into the carabiner and attached to the eyebolt. The rope is then returned to its original position and is ready to be used again.
Escape Rope is designed to be as quick and as simple as possible to use, even when panic erupts. A sitting harness means higher comfort but ease of use, taking much longer to put on. We believe a quick and safe use has priority over comfort.
The ropes tensile strength is 740 kg, the harness carries 780 kg and the carabiner can support 250 kg (can also be replaced with stronger carabiner).
The rope consists of a 6mm, three-strand polyester silk supplied by Teufelberger.

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